“Avégből születtünk erre a világra, hogy lopjuk a napot.” (Vonnegut)

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everyday food for thought

2010 január 14

some people should seriously consider this and not be sooo stubborn. * relationships of any kind from friendship to love. (via cukri on tumblr)

hmmm :)

2009 december 27

Every girl has that one boy in her life, who could call her at three in the morning and say, “Let’s hang out. I’m coming to get you.” and she would put aside everything she was doing, her excitement, her anger or her momentary hate for him. And she would proceed to give him only […]

curious case

2009 november 22

nagyonhangulat ♥

2009 szeptember 23

timelapse & food for tought via mammooth (hová tartunk?)